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Hi! This is the home page of owlswan free eagle, sometime searcher for truth and justice, sometimes just struggling to stay alive.   Life is never as bleak as it might seem to be, and always better than our illusions/delusions.

Dance is the water of my life. To dance is to live and to live is to dance.  I am now attempting to learn to tango - partner dance - after a life of free dancing; and dance camp last Summer was one of the best weeks of my life.  I recently added some more poems. Pictures of my apartment give you some idea of who I am and this process is ongoing. I gave up the paralegal job at EFF to do construction with my son. Some pics are located at

There are also poems on my second poet page.

I am still going to school, my final year of paralegal classes, and preparing to go back to university.

Here's Mom when she visited two years ago at Thanksgiving and it is always nice to see her.

I hope life is sweet for everyone. It is at least sweet for me in it's moments.

This is a link to a page of pictures of my apartment.
This is one of my poetry pages
This is a directory of pictures from climbing Mt. Whitney in August of 2000
This is a link to the index for the NASA "Astronomy picture of the day"

Owlswan on top of Whitney

This is me on top of Mt. Whitney
with Mt. Russell in the background.  
Click the pic for bigger image. 
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